Whatever I Can Do to Help

As someone who has always been interested in the healthcare field in general, and in research promoting enhanced care and treatment specifically, I was elated to join the team at GYN-COE. This collaborative team of researchers, physicians and like-minded individuals has one goal: to improve the care, treatment, and ultimately, the lives of those dealing [...]

A Left Turn

Commitment, drive, and passion inspire redirection. My graduate professor of biochemistry demonstrated all three. He shared efforts and findings of his Alzheimer’s research during class and this sparked my own research interest. I knew I could not go back to more of the same after the experience of his class – I needed a change. [...]

Nancy’s Story

Nancy  Yeary was diagnosed with invasive ovarian cancer in 2005 and lost her hard fought battle against the disease in 2010 at the age of 54.   Nancy was the kind of woman who touched hundreds of lives. She never considered her condition to be a battle or struggle, yet she was a courageous warrior [...]