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About Us


Every year, 250,000 women globally are diagnosed with invasive ovarian cancer and 140,000 women die of the disease. This includes cancer of the ovaries, peritoneum, and/or Fallopian tube(s). Unlike many other forms of cancer, ovarian cancer is typically diagnosed at an advanced stage and requires treatment with aggressive surgery and multiple rounds of combination chemotherapy. Although most patients typically respond to upfront treatment, the most aggressive forms of this cancer are often deadly.


The purpose of The Ovarian Cancer Registry is to recruit all women with a history of ovarian, peritoneal or tubal cancer to join a movement and call to action to make contributions to advance ovarian cancer research.


Our research will work to improve quality of life, symptom management, patient experience and clinical outcomes. Another set of goals is to reduce cancer health disparities and barriers to care. In addition, we want to put a spotlight on the issues and concerns that matter to ovarian cancer patients. We hope that this type of patient-centered research will lead to improvements in healthcare policy, more effective standards of care and better outcomes for patients.


Together we can make the difference! The more people who join and contribute, the greater impact we may have.

  • If you are a patient or survivor with invasive ovarian, peritoneal or tubal cancer, please Join the Registry today.
  • If your loved one has invasive ovarian, peritoneal or tubal cancer, please share information about the Registry and encourage them to Learn More and Join the Registry.


The Ovarian Cancer Registry is being funded by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Inova Fairfax Hospital, the Inova Research Foundation, and the Gynecologic Cancer Center of Excellence (GYN-COE). The Ovarian Cancer Registry was initially funded and made possible due a donation from Mr. Robert (Bob) Yeary in memory of his wife Nancy Yeary who died of Ovarian Cancer.


  • Learning why ovarian cancers are so life-threatening and vary so much in aggressiveness and response to treatment.
  • Developing more effective ways to treat and prevent ovarian cancer.
  • Enhancing survivorship and quality of life.
  • Figuring out how to lessen the negative impacts of cancer and cancer treatment on patients and their family.
  • Incorporating patient preferences into the decision making process for treatment and care.
  • Eliminating barriers to care and improve access to affordable and effective treatments.
  • Raising awareness and engaging a community to join the movement and make a difference.

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If you have constructive feedback about your experience using The Ovarian Cancer Registry website, please email  OCR@endgyncancer.com.